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Our Grow Light is Manufactured by the same company that makes Kind Led’s.

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New and Experienced Growers

SonneSpectrum 300 is a revolutionary new grow light designed especially for the personal grower. This light was designed and tested in 3′ x 3′ Grow Tent and was fine tuned to grow optimum yields in this setting.


New Age Technology

When you partner with Sonne LED Grow Lights you are getting more than just a company to send you lights and never speak to you again. We work with our retailers and distributors closely to continually improve our product. You are our eyes and ears with the customers. The customers want something, well it’s your job to tell us and then it’s our job to deliver you a product that sales itself. That is exactly what we do at Sonne LED.

Sonne LED Partnerships

Affiliates EarnBIG

Are you a developer or a webmaster? Are you looking to be an affiliate for a high profit per sale product line? Well good news, on our first light alone the commission is $43 per sale. Our next size up will be closer to $100 so signup at the kke9 affiliate network and get the latest updates from our affiliate program as well as other high commission items.

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Latest LED Technology

SonneSpectrum’s extensive testing in its optimal environment left us with choosing 3W LEDs over 5w as the outcome was a healthier product without any leaf burn. The perfect amount of Canopy Penetration.

The SonneSpectrum 300 packs a powerful punch to be such a small light that used such little energy. While it’s high output design is enough to replace a 300w hps grow light, the SonneSpectrum only draws 180W. Now that is efficiency that packs a punch.

Sonne Grow Lights

Total Efficiency

No need for any additional fans as our leds will be even cool to the touch after hours of continual use. SonneSpectrum™ Heat Dissipation ensures that our grow light will stand up to it’s 50,000hr life expectancy.

No need for extra fans as our total efficient led grow light puts off little to no heat at all even after extended usage. Not only are you saving money on electricity from the up to 80% more efficient light but you save 100% of the energy that the fan would have used. To put the icing on the cake, the 50,000 hour lifespan saves you hundreds of dollars on bulb replacements throughout it’s life.

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Behind The Scenes

The team at Sonne Led maintains an effective mix of sales experience and seasoned management skills in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our growers and business partners. Our team relies  on growers as well as business owners to report back to us any specification changes they would like to see in the upcoming models. Sonne Led listens to our customers and retailers.

Chris is creative and passionate about indoor cultivation.

Chris E.


Lea is our Rockstar Sales Mgr. who keeps grow lights on your shelf.

Lea B.

Rockstar Sales Mgr.

Chris handles our public sales with private growers.

Chris P.

Public Sales Mgr.

Our Silent partner brings over twenty years business management skills to the table.

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